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  1. Perfect Wines for a Perfect Easter Lunch

    Easter is nearly upon us, bringing with it a long weekend full of chocolates, hot cross buns, Easter Egg hunts and good food and wine aplenty. But who knows what Easter will bring weather wise? We could be sunning ourselves in the garden or huddling around an open fire to keep warm. Whatever the weather, [More]

  2. A Californian Summer

    To do a general blog on Californian wine is fairly ambitious. There are now over 4,100 wineries in the Golden State and it is also the 4th largest producing wine region in the world. So , to break it down, here are  SIX fun Californian summer wine options which are easy to get hold of [More]

  3. VIDEO: Savvy Summer Supermarket Buys with Sheerluxe

      Ever feel the terror of the supermarket wine wall? Don’t worry – Sheerluxe and I have you covered… for summer wine anyway! Just scroll 18.05 minutes into the video to find your new favourite supermarket bottle. Sadly there was not enough time to discuss Summer red options but chilled Pinot Noir or Beaujolais is [More]

  4. VIDEO: Why Expensive Wine is Actually Better Value

    Ever struggle to choose what wine you want from the supermarket’s Wall of Wine? And what do you actually get what you pay for? For Supermarket wine 101 check out this video I made with Business Insider UK! 

  5. VIDEO: The biggest mistakes you’re making when you drink wine, according to an expert

    I had a morning wreaking wine havoc at the Business Insider’s studio talking all things: Brexit, wine and cheese, Royal wedding wine and of course the best Wine and Cereal Pairings. Here is my fist video with them where I talk about the ‘Biggest Mistakes made in Wine’. Disclaimer ; I hope I don’t destroy [More]

  6. Exploring Rasteau with Amelia & Mike

    This time last year I was in the Rhone. Although I couldn’t be there this time around, I managed to do the next best thing and create a video about a really underrated and truly awesome Rhone region – Rasteau. So if you love Chateauneuf du Pape but don’t enjoy the hefty price tag – [More]

  7. Wine Communicator of the Year nominee: Amelia Singer

    Singer was praised by judges for being “an amazing presenter” and “a born communicator”; “Amelia’s exuberance and drive is ringing wine to new audiences”. Our final Wine Communicator of the Year nominee, Singer tells us more about how she first became interested in wine, and why her favourite region is The Rhone. Read full article [More]

  8. How to become a wine expert – Evening Standard

    How to become a wine expert, according to The Wine Show’s Amelia Singer From working in vineyards in Chile to being Jamie Oliver’s wine girl, Amelia Singer divulges what really makes a good wine Read the full article below;  

  9. 8 insider tips to help you bluff your way to sounding like a wine expert

    Are you an enthusiastic wine novice, but want to make your friends think you’re a fully-fledged expert? Of course you do – and it’s easier than you think! Here, Amelia Singer and Joe Fattorini, presenters of The Wine Show, who’ve partnered with luxury cruise line Celebrity Cruises, decant some of their wine wisdom on buying, serving [More]

  10. My Celebrity Cruises Top Wine Tips 2018

      It’s FINALLY FEBRUARY, so bring on the RETOX! And to do so in style, I join up with my Wine Show colleague Joe Fattorini, to bring you some of our favourite wine trends for 2018. Cheers to that!