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  1. The Wine Show: episode eight – meeting the Henschkes

    With the EU referendum coming up, immigration seems to be the buzzword of the moment. Jobs, culture and national identity all come up in this multidimensional and complex debate. Throughout history people have been fleeing persecution or poverty, hoping to create a better life. I am not even going to try and go into the nuances of [More]

  2. The Wine Show: episode seven – a question of taste

    If you’ve felt that the last couple of weeks have been missing a little something, you aren’t mistaken. The Wine Show has, for the last couple of weeks, had to exit stage right for summer sport. My uncoordinated self was dismayed, but all is now put to vinous right – The Wine Show is not only back [More]

  3. The Wine Show: episode six – an odd-shaped looking glass

    I think this has got to be one of my favourite episodes in the show. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, wine does not exist in a vacuum. It is interwoven into the history and symbolism of cultures around the world. In this episode Joe visits a winery which operates in Israel’s occupied territories, [More]

  4. The Wine Show: episode five – earthquake in a glass

    Wine doesn’t exist in a bubble. Like any living thing, it gets caught up by its nearby surroundings; be they cultural disputes, political sanctions and, of course, natural disasters. In this episode The Wine Show travels through Moldova, India and Chile, all of which reveal wine being ensnared by these various webs. However, the prevailing [More]

  5. The Wine Show: episode four – mountain wine

    The small wine region of Savoie is sometimes misunderstood, because of its alpine location and reputation for skiing. Ski resorts are the lifeblood of the industry, and being more of an après ski fan as opposed to avid skier, I saw this trip as a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with mountain wines without expecting [More]

  6. The Wine Show: episode three – Mornington Peninsula

    I was prepared for anything. Dressed as Reese Witherspoon from Wild, it was time to experience the Mornington Peninsula. Of all Australian wine regions, the Mornington Peninsula is home to one of the most important maritime climates. It is fully exposed to the elements, surrounded on three sides by the sea. An emphatically cool climate [More]

  7. The Wine Show: episode two – pairing wine with music

    Can music affect the way you taste wine? Even more specifically, can music influence the way wine is produced? In this episode, wine’s relationship to art, science and emotion is carefully explored. Joe Fattorini visits a Chilean winery which relies on very specific lullabies in the cellar. Gizzi Erskine meets up with a famous rock [More]

  8. The Wine Show: episode two – facing the Adelaide frontier

    For the next 14 weeks I will be blogging for the Great British Chefs on my Wine Show adventures. For the first blog check out my thoughts on making wine in one of Australia’s cutting edge wine regions, with perhaps the world’s most tattooed wine maker and getting myself stuck (badly!) in a grape crusher. [More]

  9. Sorry for being MIA… Let me explain why…

    Sorry for the radio silence and thank you for your patience. I can finally reveal what project I’ve been working on, with the most incredible team, over the last two years. Tune in this Sunday evening to a brand new television series called..  The Wine Show.   I look forward to sharing my wine adventures [More]

  10. Wine Tasting In California’s Paso Robles : From Fine Tri Tip BBQs to Fine Wine

    Paso Robles: From Fine Tri Tip BBQs to Fine Wine                         So, for those of you who read the last blog, (the one where my grandmother and I get lost on our winery road trip and end up in the Mohave desert as opposed to doing the gorgeous scenic Route 1), – we did end up [More]