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  1. Mother’s Day – Why You Shouldn’t Buy Her a Goat

    rosé Ahh… Mother’s Day.  It should be fairly easy to get right. If you remember the right Sunday of course! I have had mixed luck with my offerings of love to my Mother. Last year I thought I would be extra creative and adopt her a goat in Mongolia. She’s an animal lover and she [More]

  2. Dissecting Your Valentine’s Day Wine Dilemmas

    Valentine’s Day can very easily turn into a horribly commercial and stressful affair; rather than a day of showing adoration for your beloved. I can’t help with the yanked up restaurant prices,  your at-home seafood preparations or monitor your Valentine’s card or music list choice.  [Warning: Spotify’s ‘Valentine’s Day in Love’ play list would be [More]

  3. My 2017 Wine Predictions

    1. Bubbles will keep on being popular – I am hoping that Franciacorta will be making more of an appearance and holding its own against growers champagne, Prosecco and English sparkling wine. 2. The average bottle price will increase – by probably around 15%. Due to Brexit this is inevitable and a 15% Increase is [More]

  4. Wine Accumulating vs Wine Collecting

    I am often asked if I collect wine. To a great extent I absolutely do. I have stored a number of bottles in a dank, dark, detached part of my garage. I take great care not to expose them to too much light or noise vibrations. I also take great care to keep them on [More]

  5. The Wine Show: episode twelve – climate change

    During the past week the issue of climate change seems especially pertinent. On her first day as UK Prime Minister, Theresa May controversially merged The Department for Energy and Climate Change with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. This act has been met with a certain amount of criticism from those who view it [More]

  6. The Wine Show: episode eleven – wine fraud

    In episode eleven we explore the complex and fascinating area of wine fraud. Although there are many cases of fraud which happen at the lower end of the market; our production team were particularly drawn to a story which shook the fine wine world. The most recent high profile case of fraud involved Indonesian-born Rudy [More]

  7. The Wine Show: episode nine – port

    The Douro valley has to be one of the most underrated places in the world. Its dramatic mountainous landscape, rich history, fantastic table wine, wonderful food and even port itself does not receive the attention and appreciation it deserves. Hopefully after this episode, that will change. Picture yourself sitting in a trendy bar on a [More]

  8. The Wine Show: episode eight – meeting the Henschkes

    With the EU referendum coming up, immigration seems to be the buzzword of the moment. Jobs, culture and national identity all come up in this multidimensional and complex debate. Throughout history people have been fleeing persecution or poverty, hoping to create a better life. I am not even going to try and go into the nuances of [More]

  9. The Wine Show: episode seven – a question of taste

    If you’ve felt that the last couple of weeks have been missing a little something, you aren’t mistaken. The Wine Show has, for the last couple of weeks, had to exit stage right for summer sport. My uncoordinated self was dismayed, but all is now put to vinous right – The Wine Show is not only back [More]

  10. The Wine Show: episode six – an odd-shaped looking glass

    I think this has got to be one of my favourite episodes in the show. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, wine does not exist in a vacuum. It is interwoven into the history and symbolism of cultures around the world. In this episode Joe visits a winery which operates in Israel’s occupied territories, [More]