A New Way to Taste and Learn with Me!

I entered the wine industry over ten years ago (ahem) to make wine more accessible, fun and ultimately to empower people when it came to making their wine decisions. Amelia’s Wine ran on a multimedia platform ( online, TV, magazines), but where I struggled to reach people in a more interactive and international way were my tastings. That is until I joined forces with  Learning with Experts !!!

Learning with Experts is similar to the online Masterclass series but the added bonus is that as well as conducting online lessons; I can actually engage with the classroom, mark assignments and also give you specific feedback for your own personal wine journey! An added bonus is that there are bottle suggestions for each class so you can be vinously prepared beforehand and taste along. And if you want to taste along specifically with the wines which I use on the course –  all the wines are available from Robersons  Wine – an importer dear to my heart with a stunning international wine portfolio.

I cannot say how excited and relieved this partnership has made me. I have been worried that due to my LONDON and LA commute – I can’t always teach as many people as I would like. With this innovative solution I can teach wine enthusiasts everywhere in the most dynamic and personal way.  I can also introduce fantastic chefs from Leiths, winemakers and close friends of mine throughout the course which I can’t do in a usual tasting format. This I think all adds essential colour and context for the wonderful world of wine. It is a sensorial and emotional experience just as much as it is a technical and cerebral engagement.

Join me for four online classes from £89 and I will guide you through a wine appreciation course which starts in a London based urban winery and ends in the kitchen of one the most respected culinary institutions in the world . It is a wine whirlwind but you know me – I wouldn’t do a course any other way!

To get more of a feel about what an Amelia’s wine experience entails, please watch the trailer for the course here.

Looking forward to teaching and tasting with even more of you – wherever you may be in the world!


Bacchant Blessings

Amelia xx


Learning with Experts is the only online course provider where you’re directly in touch with some of the world’s best experts, receiving real-time feedback from the comfort of your own home. Paving the way for foodies to expand their repertoire with its community-centric, expert-led training courses, students learn in intimate online classrooms, where they watch video lectures, share work with other students and have their work marked by foremost experts in their fields.