The camera doesn’t lie.

I was beyond elated to be invited back to @sheerluxe and discuss Christmas high street wine suggestions.

We covered all range of styles which included celebrity wine as well as wine from one of the most environmentally friendly wineries in the world.

If you are in need for some savvy vinous inspiration then check out the link to the video clip here. The The entire Sheerluxe video is full of great tips for Christmas but if you are in a rush, my wine selections start at 27 mins.

Sending festive Cheers and Merry Bacchus Blessings to you all!

FYI – I was caught out when asked which supermarkets stocked Graham Norton’s Sauvignon Blanc. I have since done my due diligence and you can find this wine at Tesco for a seasonal offer of £7.00 and Asda for £9.50.