I am delighted to have been named one of the 50 up-and-coming International Drinks Stars

This Thanksgiving I was extra thankful. I still can’t believe that I am included in such an inspiring list of people in the industry. It means so much to me that I am acknowledged by well respected peers in the trade but also that they think I still have a lot more to offer…. No pressure!

Just to warn you though – I have no intention of leaving the wonderful yet still too niche world of wine. Although these new horizons in LA have not all been smooth sailing, I know that there are still new wine frontiers to conquer and more vinous adventures to be shared. Thank you to everyone who is reading this. I may have received this award from wine institutions this year, but my friends and family have supported me from the beginning. Your support is never taken for granted – wherever I am in the world – and I raise a toast to all of you.


The award is a joint venture between the IWSC and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust to mark the 50th birthday of both organisations. Read Harper’s article here.